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Customer Letters and Testimonies:


" Leontine is simply the best webmaster to work with.  Communication with her is easy, clear, and always pleasant.  She is very reliable and always gets updates to the site done in a timely way. She is also a great problem solver and creative thinker. I am glad to work with her."

Jan Edl Stein, Director Holos Institute

Dear Leontine,
One of the most pleasant and effective contacts I made in 2009 was to have had your help to create our first web site.  You listened and questioned and composed and out came a site that does exactly what I wanted it to do at this time. 
I look forward to bringing you additional projects and wish you well in these first years in Florida.

Hello Leontine,
Thank you for creating our fabulous, fun and colorful new web site in such a short amount of time. You where there for us despite the holidays to answer each and all of our  enormous overload of demands, questions and changes. You never let us down and throughout the process we where laughing and cheering each other.
We had nothing but compliments about the site and oh boy the phones have not stopped ringing since.
It was truly a great pleasure getting to know and to work with you,

Your "Sun Wedding" dream team Sigrid Tina and Cristina

I have to say that the site you designed works flawlessly – thanks again for allowing the chance to succeed in making this dream site come to life.

Rick Bates

Hello Leontine,
Let me take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful job you have done with our new site. You where there for us every moment we had another change or thought!! We had nothing but the highest compliments so far on our new website and we are only out two days!!

Sigrid Gebel

OMG! We absolutley love the design. You truly are the best Leontine. We will have to use some different category names but WOW! Any chance of trying it with a bigger girls face? If not, we are happy with the one you have there.
WE LOVE LEONTINE! Thats you baby.


Awesome! Absolutely awesome! Jim and I were both very impressed!  We both think that you did a terrific job with very little instruction or direction from us.  I must tell you, having worked around here for "way-too-long", you are the first that ever did anything on the first try that Jim was impressed and pleased with! color, design, and overall feel of the page is great!  This is a Good thing...!!!!!!!!!!!!


It seems superfluous to offer a testimonial regarding Leontine van der Meer's web design skills because her work speaks for itself.  A simple viewing of her portfolio will astound any prospective client, providing a plethora of "wow moments."  Her judicious use of colors, fonts, and spacing is evident, and provides the foundation for aesthetically pleasing websites that are designed to draw in the visitor.

Predictably, our new website continues her trend of flawless websites.  It is professional looking, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.
Despite the fact that I did not offer much direction regarding its design, Ms. van der Meer used her own sense of intuition, creative, and technical abilities, and produced a quality site that will only enhance our business's credibility.

Ms. van der Meer also possesses knowledge of search engine optimization, and she incorporated many of SEO's tenets in the creation of our site.
She keeps up with the latest optimization information available, and implements her findings  Moreover, she recognized and remedied some technical coding errors in our previous design.  The result: We have a "technically clean" site that should be able to attain high search engine standings for many key phrases related to our field.

Personable and responsive, Ms. van der Meer is always accessible, and consistently offers friendly, courteous, and professional responses.  She truly listens to her clients and offers a myriad of suggestions, reflecting a laudable attention to detail.  She is a pleasure to work
with, providing incredible guidance, direction, and support!

Ms. van der Meer loves her chosen profession of web design and the end result reveals this passion.  Anyone who is looking for a consummate professional who truly knows all about facets of web design and SEO should
look no further than Lionsites.  In addition, while one may expect to pay thousands of dollars for a site developed by Ms. van der Meer, she can provide one at a fraction of the cost.

She is a true artist - someone who is able to create masterpieces.  I'm just fortunate to "discover her," and I urge anyone needing a website to simply evaluate her work and make a similar discovery.

Andy Lax


I wanted to take the time to thank you again for the wonderful website.  My previous set-up was very basic and sales were slow.  My sales have gone from a few thousand dollars to about 25K net in the first year.  My
product line grew from 1 to over 300 due to the fact that the cart system you use is so simple and efficient.  There's no way I could have accomplished this growth without your help.

A million thanks!

Jared Kennedy

Leontine quickly brought down to size what was a huge challenge for me. Seemingly, without effort, she produced an impressive website for my business. Her enthusiasm for what she does quickly spilled over onto me.  It is difficult to express the excitement I felt when I first accessed my own new website. It is much better than I could have imagined. Leontine is a very good listener not to mention an extremely creative and talented individual. She has helped me garner a competitive edge over my competition for which I am very grateful.

Kathleen “Keena” Ingram
KCI Interiors

"Over two years ago I found Leontine through after posting a project.  I liked her from the first phone call and have found her to be knowledgeable, highly responsive, and capable.  I continue to use her services and no longer have to look for someone every time I have a new project.  I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation!"

David Edelstein, Attorney

Hi Leontine,

First we want to thank you for your dedication to our website work. So many, quote / unquote, “professionals” that are out there today are just in it for the money with no regard for the customer’s interests or real needs.

Thru all the years that you have been handling our websites, you have always looked out for our best interests. You don’t know how much that means to us, especially in these hard times.
Thank you Leontine…

Clementine & John.

I spent many months looking for a web designer that would meet my needs. I spent too much money and ended up with an unprofessional looking and disorganized webpage. Then I found Lionsites, which was exactly what I needed. To be quite honest, I've never been so pleased with the service I have received. Leontine treated me as if I were a Fortune 500 company with millions of dollars dedicated to web design. However, her services have far surpassed her fee. Yes, I wrote "fee"! Leontine doesn't nickle and dime you to death with hidden fees and expenses like many web designers. If your needs were the same as mine before I found leontine; value, honesty, knowledgeable, and professional...then you have come to the right place. Several times a week I write "thank you" to Leontine. Well, here's one for today. THANK YOU!

Jared Kennedy

I'm touched by your kind offer, ... I hope you will always be blessed by hundreds of happy customers who refer you to hundreds more.

Myrtha Chang - Web hosting/ecommerce customer (discontinued)

Leontine was invaluable in giving our organization a professional image. She quickly grasped what we wanted to do and gave us a polished website that delivered the results we needed.

Pat Wright - Web design customer

Anyone can offer to host your web site. But when you hit a glitch, will you get the help you need? This afternoon, through my own oversight, I made some erroneous category changes and wiped out a whole category of products that I had painstakingly entered a few weeks ago. This posed a potential revenue threat for me because my customers could not see a whole category of products on my web site any longer. I contacted Leontine and she dropped everything and walked me through a fix. Within a few minutes, she had helped me recover from my error and I was back in business. You will not find that kind of service from just any hosting service out there. Thanks Leontine.

Myrtha Chang

I am very pleased with the website designed by Lionsites.  It's for retro pedal cars, and there is a lot of competition but my website stands out from all the others.  Leontine (or Lionsites, as you prefer) has captured the retro look extremely well.  She has an eye for color and design.  She was extremely easy to work with and responsive to all my needs.  If recommendations go by points from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, then she easily gets a 10!

Lise Tyrrel

I fell instantly in love with my home page. This is even tons better than what I had in mind. I couldn't believe this was my web site. It looked so professional. This is really super. The rounded edges, the blurred background, the basket and the sandals sticking out, it creates an exciting mood. I thought you were a web programmer, didn't know you were an artist too.

Myrtha Chang

I would not hesitate to hire Leontine van der Meer again. She helped me fine tune my already existing website and installed a simple but effective shopping cart system.

Judith Cornell, Ph.D

Leontine has been completely fabulous in the work she has done on my website, prompt in getting back to me about my questions and skillful during the interpersonal process of two people trying to understand one another and work together. I have been giving her name to my friends who need web consultation, and am looking forward to continuing to work with her on my website.

Michael Baugh

Leontine.. I cannot express enough how satisfied I’m with the web site you designed for me.. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give you a rating of 10 - “very satisfied”. You are a true professional and your work ethics are second to none.. I like the fact that I was involved in the process from start to finish and that we communicated closely throughout the entire project.. Your ideas and suggestions help me make decisions. My web site business during the first two months exceeded all my expectations. Please feel free to have any of your potential customers contact me personally if they have any reservations about selecting you to develop their web site …. Thanks for all your hard work !!!!!

Jon Rice :-J Stay Sharp


Leontine is one of the best people I have encountered in the IT/Web world in my 6+ years of working in the industry. She will not only be extremely punctual but she will over promise with huge results. If you have even an iota of doubt about why you should work with her she will put that to rest if you put your trust in her. I did and I am so glad I did. Thanks Leontine!!!
David Stein,

If you are looking for a talented, professional, skillful and effective search engine optimizer then look no further. Leontine can get the job done, on time, with simple amazing results in the major search engines and portals. Your rankings will rise and your website(s) will bring your business more customers, more revenues, and help create a better overall company. Leontine makes it possible for your business to succeed online in the major search engines. She is a true search engine optimization expert.
Josh Greth,

Leontine was very responsive and handled the project in record time - She even found a few problems with the site and happily fixed them! Highly recommended :)

Words can't describe what Leontine have provided for our business. She had great insights and was always responsive to our ever changing mind. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer\SEO who not only cares but was also enthusiastic about her work.
Sy Ly,

Leontine is truly amazing!! They went out of their way to get the job done and get it done perfectly. I am EXTREMELY impressed and recommend their services to you 110%!! A+++!!
Eight Ball Productions

I love Leontine! She did logo and image consulting ,added some graphic details and made them look fantastic! She designed my home page with no assistance, her first mock - up was the design I went with! She is currently consulting me on my website layout as well. Her suggestions and ideas are fabulous, she is able to comprehend what it is that your trying to achieve and comes through with flying colors! I would highly recommend Leontine to anybody!!
Shelley Holloway,

(e-mail) We viewed the site and it all looks good. Thanks so much for the last minute fixes before you leave. We have had a lot of compliments from customers that the site looks great. We thank you a lot. Everyone here would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and have a safe trip. Happy Holidays!!!!!!
The Gang at Don's Seafood,

(e-mail) Hi Leontine,
Thought you might like to know that I have been getting a lot more orders lately. In fact, I made as much money at my doll business the last two weeks as I do at the library, maybe more. Maybe in a few months, I can quit the library job! Or be ready with another income if they lay me off again! I don't know if you believe in destiny or God, but I do. I believe God helped me find you at just the exact time I needed you! You're a Godsend! Thank you for all your help.

Results from Website
Ashley McCall entered the following information on 02-02-2004 at 09:32am
Name: Ashley McCall
E-mail Address:
His or her Opinion or Suggestions: I love this site!! I\'ve been searching high and low for the Apple Valley kits, and I think it\'s wonderful that I can design the baby I want!! Thanks so much :)


Yes, I did a Yahoo search for Apple Valley Doll Works. A friend had given me a Kit to make a doll and I got hooked. Doll and Bear Works was listed in the search. I found all I needed to make "more" dolls. I also appreciate the price of the merchandise. I love this site.

Hi Leontine,
John Paradise (, ranked at number 8 for the word t-shirt in Google.)

As usual, you are really taking great care as to make sure my company
succeeds with its online advertising campaigns, and we really appreciate
such loyalty and great skill. We do thank you for treating our sites as if
they were your own. Thank you again for letting me know what I do right,
what I do wrong, and what I should do in the future. I have learned volumes
since meeting you.
-Josh Greth

Working with Leontine was the best decision for technical services that I ever made. She is extremely competent, very honest, and very quick to turn around a project. In addition, she had outstanding creative ideas for my site. Most importantly, I always felt that she and I were communicating very well about what needed to be done. She is outstanding and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She was a total stranger before this project and now I consider her a valuable colleague and will use her in the future for all of my technical needs.

Adele Lynn

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