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Our top pick for Linux/PHP/MySQL storefronts is without a doubt Ecommercetemplates!

Visit ecommercetemplates' website or call us at 941-445-4865

3 Examples:
World Soup (uses same software but without the sell button)
Pedal Cars Galore
Stay Sharp Shears

Note: We can help you install or integrate the software into your own design or we can design a nice website with this software for you, our rates are low and we have the experience:

PHP ecommerce shopping cart review (top 10):

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1. ViperCart V3 Rating: $120*

ViperCart V3 is a sleek, fully customizable shopping cart which may be integrated to any ecommerce website. In fact, it is one of the only shopping carts which can make this claim. It can export sales records to Excel, installation of shopping cart included in the price. ViperCart V3 is compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix and Free BSD servers.
All you need to utilize the powerful features of ViperCart V3 is a web server running PHP 4.0 or higher and a MySql database, which we offer here with our web hosting service. See even more details. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)

*Includes $100.00 customization credit and professional installation.
2. ElectricKart Rating: $297
If you want to sell your products or services online, you need to enable e-commerce with a shopping cart system. With ElectricKart, you can accept online or offline payments...or both! ElectricKart e-commerce software is the perfect shopping cart solution for small to mid-size businesses. See features (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
3. SquirrelCart Rating: $89
If you are a web novice, you will appreciate its ease of use, and the fact that Squirrelcart will generate the HTML for all of your store's pages based on the built in templates provided. If you have a strong knowledge of HTML, you will appreciate the ability to make Squirrelcart look and work the way YOU want it to. We've provided the ability to move around all of its components, completely change the look, and make it fit your specific needs.
Here at Lionsites we highly recommend this easy to use and highly customizable shopping cart! We'll have our own personal demo available for you shortly. Features (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
4. Ecommercetemplates Rating: $55-$165
We love this open source PHP or ASP shopping cart solution with template because it is so easy to set up yourself, so easy to use, so easy for customers to navigate! Use your favorite web editing program to customize the template (many layout choices are available). We can help with this because we have experience with this cart. It's not expensive and drop us an email if you want us to do the installation/setup/design for your store or just have questions when doing it yourself. USP,USPS, advanced search feature, PayPal, 2checkout, payment gateways and others. See online store templates here.    Review all features. (Last updated Apr 11, 2005)  
5. AShop Delux Rating: $349/$399*
AShop Deluxe is shopping cart and affiliate marketing software program. The shopping cart program is easy to manage through a browser and includes functions for selling most types of physical and digital products. The AShop Deluxe shopping cart and 2-tier affiliate commission program runs on most Unix or Linux servers with PHP4 and mySQL. Go to AShop to download a demo See an overview of features (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004) with installation
6. SupraCart Rating: $99.99
Supra Software is designed for both the novice Internet user and the seasoned web developer. Install the default store and you can be up and running in just minutes. Or, customize to your heart's content with our open and modular programming source code. You can really take your site to the limit with our e-commerce applications. Install. Upload. Sell. It can be easy with SupraCart™ software! Perl or PHP version available of SupraCart. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)  
7. Cart Rating: $149-$249
Most important features: - Easy to use in browser. - Fast MySQL database back-end. - Easy to use administration panel (browser based). - Step by step install help. - Compatible with any currency. - Easy import from text format files. Client features: - Quicksearch option to find articles. - Fast database access, thus less loading time. - Search with minimum and/or maximum price. - Clear navigation around the site. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)  
8. DigiShop Rating: $299
Installs in minutes or they can set it up for you, Integrates into your web sites look and feel, Complete storefront system, Browser based administration area to manage your entire shopping cart, Unlimited number of products and categories See all features (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)  
9. X-Cart Rating: $185 and up
Who is X-Cart made for?

A company which has already been doing retail sales.
A company which wants to start an online sales channel.
Distributors / wholesalers
100% Internet companies.
Export / Import companies.
Software developers looking for a quality PHP shopping cart software at a low price.
ISP and web hostings which want to offer shopping cart software to their clients.

Features Last updated Nov. 11, 2004
10. Echo Cart Rating: free
ECHOcart is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable storefront for your web site. Based on the PHP language, backed with a blisteringly fast MySQL back-end database, ECHOcart is the ideal solution for all medium-to-large sites. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)  
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ASP shopping cart review (top 10):

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1. Znode ASP.Net Storefront Rating: 5 stars free trial
In the world of ecommerce, your ASP.NET shopping cart can make you or break you.  Look for an ASP.NET shopping cart that is a complete turn-key solution with all product pages, features, and capabilities built in.
2. StoreFront 6.0 Rating: $349 +
Either have an all-in-one store front solution and have the designers at StoreFront set it up for you or go for the more advanced store front package, completely customizable using Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Read review. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
3. CyberStrong eShop 4.3 Rating: free trial
Supports major credit card gateways, PayPal, live UPS/USPS shipping rate lookup, search engine pages, stock control, advanced taxes, cross selling and 100% browser based configuration. MS Access and SQL server compatible. Full source code included. Code: ASP 2.0 & VBScript. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
4. Cyber-Office Rating: $99
An all-in-one shopping cart that can be added to any web site. Handles every aspect of online sales Unique features include real-time stock level monitoring, integrated coupon / voucher promotion system, paid online download, frequent buyer rewards etc. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
5. VP-ASP Rating: $145 +
VP-ASP is without peer in features. It is international and can be used in any language and currency. VP-ASP is flexible. With over 300 configuration options, this flexibility can be achieved with no programming or HTML knowledge. VP-ASP can be used to sell anything.
VP-ASP resides on your server or your choice of web hosting company. Windows or Unix!
VP-ASP is all inclusive and comes with a range of free add-ons that include: real time shipping, free interfaces to electronic payment gateways from our huge range and more. VP-ASP is open source.
VP-ASP can integrate with an existing web site or can be used as your total Internet application Read Review (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
6. Comersus ASP Rating: Basic, Medium, or Premium free-$370
Really popular Shopping Cart with taxes, PayPal, credit cards, checks, shipping, multilanguage, stock, encryption, reviews, order tracking, multilevel categories, sell-digital. Optional PowerPacks with UPS, USPS, DHL, SQL, mySQL, WAP, search engine friendly... Code: ASP 2.0 & VBScript. We love this one! Review and Features (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
7. CactuShop Rating: $332.84*
Compare CactuShop to any other cart on the market. The language and config systems were CactuShop firsts and our competitors have tried to copy them. But no other ASP cart gives you anything like CactuShop's skinning system or its intuitive back end. Furthermore, we don't charge more for wish lists, admin interfaces and other core functionality. CactuShop Lite is a databased shopping cart. 100% script based, full source code and database. The basket is robust, aggregates purchases if one already present in basket, error checks negative, decimal or non-numeric input. There is an online demo of the full version with even more features. See all features. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
* subject to currency rates
8. Ecommercetemplates Rating: $55-$165
This open source ecommerce shopping cart software is available in Dreamweaver, Frontpage and Adobe GoLive format, all you need to do is change the template design to suit your needs, and add links on your site to the ASP pages (Active Server Pages) or PHP pages to provide functionality for viewing products, checking out and product search. It couldn't be much simpler really. We at Lionsites find this package the very easiest to use and to set up! You need a Microsoft® Windows Server to use the ASP Ecommerce Plus Shopping Cart Templates, and the ability to use a Microsoft Access database on that server (Just check with your host) See online store templates here.    Review all features. (Last updated Apr. 11, 2005)
9. BV Commerce Rating: free(lite)
Powerful .NET e-commerce software for web merchants, developers and hosting companies. Open source with project files included. Easy to customize. Includes robust management tools and a shopper friendly, streamlined interface. Try our free trial! Code: ASP.NET v1.0 & VB. Work with FrontPage or Dreamweaver. We really like it's list of many features! See all features. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)$499
$1499 Pro
10. ClickCart Rating: $55.95
Dozens of new features including: Multi Currency Support, WorldPay, Bank of America,, PayPal, Product Copy & import, product option pricing, mail list management & more! Still the best cart deal around! Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript. (Last updated Nov. 11, 2004)
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