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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQ

SEO or Search engine optimization is an essential service that can really help improve your search engine rankings and traffic. Actually, used in combination with other traffic producing methods such as PPC (Pay per click) you have the highest chance of succeeding.

SEO Search Engine Optimization FAQ:

What exactly is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a variety of efforts to meet search engines requirements that ultimately results in your website gaining and maintaining top rankings in major search engines and bringing you targeted and voluminous traffic. Your website's success directly depends on these rankings and this traffic.

Who is your Search Engine Specialist?
Our search engine specialist is a person who has studied the science of the search engines thoroughly and who keeps abreast of this quickly changing technology. There are many different types of search engines and they all work differently. Our specialist knows each and every one of them and knows what it takes to have your website meet each engine's requirements and therefore get a top ranking. He takes a personal interest and individual approach towards each website.

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How do these Search Engines work?
This is very technical and complicated subject and we'll try to keep it simple for you. As I mentioned before, each of the major search engines has it's own unique formula for how it ranks a web site. Each search engine uses multiple criteria and assigns a different level of importance to each of those criteria. The number of different criteria used by the major search engines varies between 24 and 43, depending on the search engine. Below we will go into more detail but the bottom line is that for a website to be consistently well placed in the major search engines, EACH of those criteria used by each of the major search engines MUST be addressed appropriately. Anything less, and your web site will not be ranked well in the search engines.

An issue that comes into play here is the quality of websites regarding search engine optimization. With quality we are talking about how the websites are constructed and designed in regards to search engine user-friendliness. At one time, there was a large difference between the quality of websites in the top 5 and the 100th web site. In this day, the difference in being ranked in the top 10 or at number 100 is often very subtle and slight in terms of search engine optimization. Our specialist reviewed sites ranked at 200 that were well constructed and addressed many of the ranking criteria used by search engines and nevertheless ranked much lower, which brings us to the following question.

Why are some ranked at 200 and some others ranked in the top 10?
The ones that ranked much lower failed to address ALL of the criteria used by that search engine. The key is to know all the criteria and to address all of them!

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How does the search engine specialist meet all the engines' requirements?
First of all, he doesn't use canned software such as Web Position Gold, or others. Thousands of people do, however. That's thousands of people using the exact same techniques, the same information and getting approximately the same results. We feel our customers deserve better than that!

Our specialist conducts his own research by running his own test sites, subscribing to informational services to stay on top of ever-changing technology and algorithms that search engines use. Because of his more thorough and individualised approach he is able to produce results that consistently outperform those using software and we can prove this.

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How does your SEO specialist begin his job?
When starting search engine optimization for a web site, he first does a significant amount of research. He researches such items as:

· Potential Key Search Terms
· Competitiveness of Key Search Terms in search engines
· Ability of Key Search Terms to drive quality traffic to the web site
· Search Engine Rankings (using actual testing of multiple keyword search terms in multiple search engines)
· Competitiveness and presence of competing web sites in search engines
· Competitiveness and presence of non-competing web sites in search engines
· External links to competing web sites
· Target market for your business and industry

He then analyzes the data and puts together a plan for your website that addresses the following key points and others, which are used by the major search engines to determine site rankings.

· Web site structure
· Web page structure
· Web page content
· Support for Key Search Terms
· Number of pages required based on competitiveness of Key Search Terms
· Ability of Key Search Terms to drive quality traffic to the web site
· Developing external links to web site
· Maximizing site potential

He then implements this plan, tests it for impact and adjusts it as necessary.
After this intitial approach, he continues with a maintenance plan. Experience has taught him that you can easily lose your great rankings and traffic if you don't stay on top of it continuously.

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What does the SEO specialist monitor as part of a maintenaince plan?

· Number of Visits
· Number of Page Views
· Time on Site spent by visitors
· Entry Page (especially from search engines), first page people visit
· Exit Page, last page people visit
· Referrers
· Path through the Site
· Conversion Rate (sales per 1000 vistors)
· Key Search Terms validation

As soon as any of these items aren't up to par anymore, he'll immediately take action by finding out why and applying a remedie.

And that is it in a nut shell. You can probably see the importance of this service. On the following page you'll see some examples of how our specialist has been able to increase traffic for our customers and you will read some customer testimonials.

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Why should you and who should consider these services?
After spending a lot of money on having your website created it's only logical to take it to the next step, which means getting the desired web-based results from your website and meeting the goal your business or organization had intended to reach through the use of your website! We think anyone who caters to a large target market, expecially in a highly competitive industry or anyone whose website isn't getting any results, should consider these services. You'll be surprised how affordable it is!

Call us today for a free quote and analysis of your existing or future website. 607-398-7152. This includes a free website analysis! Or click here to sign up.

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Customer Testimonials:
"Sure enough! Way to go! 3 months ago I didn't even have a website and now it's at the top. Incredible! Nice job! I'm very impressed at how quickly the website climbed in rankings."
Gary B.

"Thank You! I wasn't sure the Internet would work for me. Now I've stopped all my print advertising and I still can't respond to all the requests I get! I don't know what you do or how you do it, but I'm glad you do!"
Dave R.

"YOU made the difference! Thanks to you, your belief in us and committment to us, we were able to turn the corner and be more successful than we dared to dream. You showed us the difference between just a good design and a successful web site. Thank you."
Susan P.

Be one of our next success stories!

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