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BV Commerce Standard and ProInstallation and Store Creation

Built with ASP.NET and VB.NET
Microsoft’s newest programming language delivers advanced performance. Modifications are quick and easy, saving you time and money. Separating code from HTML makes graphic design simple and “ubreakable.”

Over the web administration
Set up and manage your store from anywhere. Our over the web administration means you never have to miss orders and lose time and money.

Visual Studio .NET project files and full source code
Have total access to BV Commerce source code(Pro version only)for modifications and customizations. BV Commerce code is organized clearly and efficiently, with developers in mind.

All pages available in Visual Studio .NET design mode
Visual Studio .NET design mode allows faster modification to the look and feel of BV Commerce, and supports drag and drop .NET components.

100% Managed .NET Code
Achieve better performance and stability without old legacy code.

Compatible with FrontPage and Dreamweaver
BV Commerce is compatible with both FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Look for the new version of ASP.NET supported FrontPage in April or May of 2003, making web design even easier.

Support for .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .SWF, and .SVG graphics
Import and display a variety of image formats, including .PNG, which combines the quality of .GIF images with the compression of .JPGs.

Theme builder changes fonts, colors and button graphics on the fly
Change fonts, colors and button graphics without any knowledge of programming or HTML. Download themes from BV Software, modify them, and distribute your own to the BV Software community.

Direct links from BV Commerce to Help and Support
The BV Commerce administration includes direct links to our Help and Support sections featured on the BV Software web site. Get help when you need it, without having to toggle back and forth.

Administration side news feed about product updates
Receive news and updates about BV Commerce directly from the administration. Never miss an update or important information again.

Supports SQL Server and free Microsoft Desktop Engine
BV Commerce supports both SQL Server and free Microsoft Desktop Engine. Microsoft Desktop Engine is the light version of SQL Server, giving you better performance, the ability to use store procedures and to seamlessly move your database to SQL Server as your business grows.

Product Management Direct upload of 3 unique images at a time
No FTP required, saving you valuable time. Upload 3 unique images at once, allowing you to show shoppers product details and alternate views.

Automatically generate thumbnails images
Show shoppers item details with small, medium and large images with the click of one button.

Stored Procedures
Makes stores quick, quick quick!

Product Management

Unlimited products, categories and sub-categories
Your business is free to grow with no limits on products, categories and sub-categories.

Over the web administration
Set up and manage your store from anywhere. Our over the web administration means you never have to miss orders and lose time and money.

Inventory tracking by product
Merchants can keep track of their inventory levels, set reserve quantities, and display whether products are available, not available, back-ordered or if customers should call for pricing.

Inventory tracking by product attributes
Track inventory by product options such as size and color, making it simple to keep similar items in stock.

Sort custom attributes for products
Set the order that attributes appear on your product pages. This gives you maximum control over the appearance of your site.

Unlimited product attributes
Merchants may include as many customized product attributes as they need, including text boxes, dropdown list, radio button lists and text/HTML description areas—allowing for complete personalization.

Price and weight sensitive product attributes
Make real time shipping accurate with rates based on the actual weight of a product. Merchants who sell the same product in different sizes (1lb, 2lb or 3lbs of chocolate) can specify weights for each size option.

Discounts and Promotions

E-mail to a friend
A great promotional tool—shoppers can quickly e-mail product links to friends.

Related items
Cross-sell and up-sell with our related items feature. BV Commerce allows you to display related products that shoppers may be interested in purchasing.

Entice shoppers with special online savings on products, shipping and order totals. Optional coupon codes track your promotions so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Store, category and product discounts
Create targets sales on specific products and/or categories, or entire store discounts in percentages or dollars.

Shipping and total order discounts
Create discounts on shipping and total orders, by percentage or dollar amount. Optionally require a coupon code to track your promotions.

Featured products
Entice shoppers with up to three featured products on your home page at a time.

Value based shipping
Make real time shipping accurate and friendly for your customers. Value based shipping automatically calculates order totals for shipping rates. For example, if the order total is $50, value shipping will calculate a $5 shipping charge based on your general shipping rates. If the order total increases to $75, the shipping charge will automatically increase to $7.

Handling charges per order or per item
Apply handling charges to each order or item, making it easy to keep track and make customers aware.

Customer specific pricing
Give special rates to top customers and affiliates with customer specific pricing. Easily create pricing groups. If one user is in two or more groups, BV Commerce will automatically offer them the best rate.

Customer and Partner Management

Add and generate affiliate links
BV Commerce automatically creates HTML links for affiliates to put on their websites, simplifying and automating the affiliate sign up process.

Send HTML E-mails
Send professional looking e-mails to customers with HTML e-mail support. Your logo and theme are automatically generated on HTML e-mails for a custom appearance.

Add, edit, and delete users
Administrators can add new users to the database and edit their information. This allows them to help walk users through the shopping process. Merchants can set up administrators, add them to groups, and adjust customer specific pricing.

Unlimited mailing lists with unlimited users
Merchants can create multiple mailing lists for an unlimited amount of customers. Send out one mailing list to affiliates, another to return customers, and another to potential customers. The possibilities are endless.

Purchase Process

Keyword search with advanced options
Our intuitive search functionality lets shoppers search by name, keyword, manufacturer, or category, making it effortless for them to browse through items and find what they’re looking for.

Shopper friendly user interface and streamlined checkout process
BV Commerce’s elegant and efficient design creates a shopper friendly experience from the minute a user enters your home page, to the second they checkout.

“Remember Me” function
When customers make repeat purchases, they don’t have to enter their information again. BV Commerce remembers customers’ names and passwords for quick shopping.

Saved shopping carts
No more lost carts when a connection crashes. BV Commerce saves the items users have placed in their shopping carts for when they return.

Easy to use address book and self-administering account
Customers can administer their own address books and accounts, saving merchants the time of editing addresses and checking on orders. The account section also lets customers change their passwords and e-mail addresses.

Anonymous checkout
Don’t lose orders because of invasive login demands. BV Commerce offers the option to let customers shop and checkout without signing in. Many potential customers stop shopping when they find they have to give personal information to place an order.

Ability to register after checkout
Allow customers to register after they place their orders, with a friendly feature reminding shoppers that they can sign up, even after they’ve checked out.

Running cart total
BV Commerce displays a running cart total at the top of each screen, showing shoppers how many items they have in their baskets.

Optional product images in shopping cart
Cut down on returns! BV Commerce offers the option to display product images in shopping carts so customers can be sure they’re ordering the correct items.

Order Fulfillment

Variety of payment processors
BV Commerce offers the most popular payment processors for use with your online store. Processors include Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, Concord EFS Net and RichPayments.NET. Manual processing is also available, and other payment processors can be integrated into BV Commerce with modifications to the source code.

PayPal integration
BV Commerce now supports PayPal! Take advantage of this easy way to accept payment.

Electronic delivery of software
Merchants can deliver automatic electronic downloads of software, documents, spreadsheets, images, zip files, music, etc…saving customers time and money on shipping.

Online and offline credit card processing
BV Commerce includes built in functionality for VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB and Diner’s Club. Merchants can also process credit cards offline.

Offline orders by telephone, e-mail, etc…
Gain sales from customers who uncomfortable with giving their credit card information online. BV Commerce now supports offline orders.

Real time shipping calculations
Wipe out abandoned purchases with real time shipping calculations from UPS and USPS. Customers appreciate knowing what they’re paying for up front.

Order and package tracking
Customers can track their orders directly from their accounts. Merchants can search for orders by number, e-mail or dates. They can edit order status and send e-mails to customers right from the administration.

Print receipts with the click of a button
Customers can print receipts automatically from their account section. Merchants can print receipts automatically from the administration.

Charge credit cards at checkout or authorize only
Merchants can choose whether to charge credit cards at checkout or only authorize at checkout and charge at the time of shipping. Many states require that you ship an item within 48 hours of charging a credit card. If you sell items that don’t normally ship within 48 hours, you may choose to only authorize credit cards at the time of purchase.


Monthly, weekly and daily sales tracking
Track sales by daily order count and daily dollar total—by month, week or day, using start and end dates or our helpful date-picker.

Track sales by affiliate
See how much your affiliates are selling, using start and end dates or our helpful date-picker.

Track sales by coupon
Evaluate how effective your promotions have been by tracking sales based on coupons you’ve offered.

Top selling products
View your top selling products to plan future inventory.

Top customers
View your top customers by total amount spent.


Encrypted data storage
Keep your customers safe by protecting credit card numbers and passwords, so that even if someone attains access to your database, your customer information won’t be compromised.

SSL support
Encrypt information as you’re collecting it from the customer through the website. During the checkout process, BV Commerce uses SSL to protect payment information.

Multiple store managers
Allow multiple administrators to login to your administration, while setting different permissions for each person. This keeps your store safe and secure without compromising store management and updates.

Set permissions for groups and users
Restrict administrators from chosen areas of your store, including admin, products, users, orders, reports, page content, and store settings. For example, allow copywriters access to products, without allowing them to see orders.

Auto-generate passwords
If merchants or administrators forget their passwords, BV Commerce will automatically generate a new password and e-mail them.

Event log to trap errors and audit events
View the BV Commerce event log to track down errors and security events like failed login attempts.

Content management

Add custom pages with the click of a button
Create custom pages with one click for extra store information. Custom pages support HTML. Great for a testimonials page or gallery.

Upload custom menu buttons through web interface
Quickly add a new menu button when creating custom pages. Custom menu buttons show up in the top menu.

Add and edit frequently asked questions through web interface
Create and edit your frequently asked questions quickly and easily through the BV Commerce administration.

Add and edit e-mail content for customer service
Create and edit password reminders, order receipts and order status updates that are automatically sent to customers.

Edit privacy policy, terms and conditions
Create and edit your privacy policy, as well as terms and conditions. BV Commerce comes with general privacy policies and terms that can be easily modified to fit your needs.

Optionally require customers to agree to site terms on checkout
BV Commerce gives you the option to require customers to agree to your site terms before purchasing.

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