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Ecommerce Templates Customer Testimonies

Thanks for the all the time and effort you guys put into your products.
I must also say that before I purchased your product I was never happy with support forums. I've used others and had my questions go unanswered for days and even weeks. You guys though have set a standard by which I'll measure everyone else by.
One more kudo for you guys - I have a friend - a web developer - start my site over two years ago. Unfortunately he never finished more than the "under construction page". Of course when you're getting this kind of work done for free you really can't complain and I of course didn't.
After all that time I had accepted my fate that I would never have a site up and running without investing thousands of dollars.
However thanks to ECOMMERCE TEMPLATES my site is nearing completion at an unbelievable rate.
I've only been working on it for a few weeks and I expect a full launch within just a few more.



I would like to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the template that I received from Ecommerce Templates! I have done a lot of research on templates and shopping carts and yours is by far superior! Not only is it a wonderful design, but it also is so simple to setup. And if I had any questions all I had to do was go to your website and I found the answer. I haven't had a need to post anything to your support forum, but from the posts I do see the response time from you all is unbelievable! Customer service plays a major part in my opinion. I would not hesitate to purchase again!

Jill -

Ecommerce Templates is by far the most complete e-commerce solution for the money. We have tried other so called solutions only to find that if you really want it to perform as you desire you must continually purchase MODs. In the process of modifying and updating these other carts, you will have spent more than what a shopping cart cost at Ecommerce Templates. We strongly recommend others who are searching for a complete e-commerce solution to purchase the Ecommerce Plus software. The Ecommerce Plus software is not just a template it is a complete shopping cart!

The guys at Ecommerce Templates have created a great product for all walks of web designers. From beginners to pros, this cart will give you the advantage over those using the more expensive, less adequate carts. The possibilities are pretty much endless, especially if you are familiar with the code. It provides a lower learning curve for the beginner, and an effortless quality resell product for the pro. The support is excellent. Vince and Andy work hard to satisfy their clients. They have provided forums, to allow their users an opportunity to voice their opinions and seek help from others. They continually update the carts with new functionality. Making an already excellent product better with each update. What more can we say, it is the best shopping cart on the net!


I just wanted to let you know that after much research (and as you know, many emailed questions!), I finally purchased your ecommerce template for GoLive. I want you to know that this is a dream come true for me. I had spent $200.00 and a lot of hours with a shopping cart for GoLive from [Another company], and was still very unsatisfied. One of my big complaints with their system is that it forces the shopper to fill out their customer details THREE times! And the developers wanted more bucks to customise this for me so that it would only require a one time entry of customer details. I still can't believe how easy it is to use your templates/shopping cart. Configuration is just a no-brainer!

Thanks, thanks, thanks for a FANTASTIC product!

Your support has been second to none, too!

Keep up the good work.

Edward -


Just a note to say thanks, I have purchased many different packages and source files etc over the net, however this product of yours is outstanding, I have not had a package that was as easy to install, setup and edit, not to mention I have found your product to function perfectly (now that is rare), and when I have been unsure of anything, no matter how trivial ( I know absolutely nothing about PHP) your product support has been instant and helpful, combined with the online help and tutorials (for us beginners) it really is a great product and is something anybody can recommend with confidence.
Thanks again for a great product.
Craig - (Australia - site under construction)

I spent several weeks evaluating many e-commerce solutions, from add-on programs, to e-commerce ready web site services. I chose primarily because it offered a complete ready-to-go e-commerce site that can be in production in hours. I just changed the default wording, incorporate my logo, added some product pictures & prices, added some administrative and payment processor information, and I'm in production.

I can kick myself for not using these templates on a previous e-commerce project. It would have saved me hundreds of hours. The template is an incredible piece of software. Why would anyone try to roll their own when it's already done? Especially considering the low price.
Bob -

I'm the owner of Chrysalis Monogram & Fine Jewelry and I purchased your EComm Plus Virtual Soft template late last year.
I just wanted to tell you guys Thank You! Thanks for a great product and all of your fast and extarordinary support in helping me get my site going in time for my busy Christmas season. I could not have chosen a better template or company which to do business.
Most (75%) of my business is done for Christmas and my sales for the 2002 season more than doubled. I truly believe it was due to the new template and the added Payment options for my customers.
I could not be more pleased with your product and the truly dedicated and helpful team at ECommerce Templates.

I forgot to mention that I have gotten lots of hits from your website - people checking out the template. I get lots of emails from the lookers asking about my experience with and about the product. I always give them all the best feedback I can because I am so happy with my purchase. I hope my feedback to the inquiries leads to many sales for your business. You deserve it.
Theresa -


Regarding I cannot speak highly enough about them. This was our first experience of setting up an online store and with 'time to market' being the primary concern for us, being able to use a smart-looking ready made template with inbuilt store integration was a 'no brainer'. We also purchased the Customer Survey and Spooky login plugins, which integrated superbly.

Without appearing to over sell the company, our experience was excellent, the few headaches we did get due almost entirely to our lack of web design experience was handled in both a timely and professional manner and totally without any fuss or hidden charges.
Steve -


Your ecomm template is truly a work of art! It installed in minutes. I now need to get the content installed and sort out the product/category list for quotes/orders and it will be ready to go live.
Eddy - Rogers Web Design


I just wanted you to know about all the nice compliments I have received this week regarding my website. Everyone that has ordered from me this week has made a the remark of "what a nice web site and it is so easy to use". Some have said that they placed the order with me because the site was so easy to get around in and was so very user friendly. I got a lot of feathers in my hat this week because of the great work that you guys did in building the site and I just wanted to stop everything and take the time to say "thank you".
Ron -


As a complete internet novice I was so pleased with your superb product and excellent support service. Thank you for your patience in answering my often stupid questions. You could not have been more helpful and made the whole process as painless as possible. Most of my problems were due to my own ineptitude and I would advise other novices out there to take advantage of your "setup site" tool which is worth every dime and will save a great deal of threshing about in the dark. My ecommerce plus template website ( is up and running and performing superbly. It is so simple to use and it is comforting to know you guys are there in the background should you be needed. Once again many many thanks from a grateful website dummy.
Bill -


Only Sexy Things is now up and live. Thank you guys so much for the great job on the shopping cart. I was able to satisfy a customer's needs with a great very well designed ecommerce site for a fraction of the cost of the others. The customer is happy so I am happy. I will leave the credit at the bottom of the page to give you guys credit and I will be ordering more soon since this was such a success. You guys make everyone's life so easy. Thank you so very much.
Danny - Adult orientated site

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