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Site Statistics:

Webalizer, SiteStats, and others

Statistics iconThe Web / FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log. Use the Statistics tools to keep track of what pages are being visited most often, and where they are being referred from.

For more information about exactly what these web site statistics actually mean, refer to the following excellent articles:


Raw Access Logs
Latest visitors
Error Log
Subdomain Stats

Found in your cpanel:

Raw access logs

Raw Access Logs iconYou can download the raw access logs that contain all the recorded hit information that your site has received. These logs are only really useful if you have a preferred reporting tool that you prefer to use, rather than the variety of reporting tools presented in this section.

To download the raw access logs:

  1. Click on the Raw Access Logs link in the Access Menu area.
  2. Save the file to disk.

    Note: The access logs are in .gz (GZIP compression) format.



Analog iconThe Analog reporting tools presents the most comprehensive coverage of web server statistics available for your web site using cPanel. Refer to the following links for more information about the Analog tool:

To use the Analog tool:

  1. Click on the Analog link in the Web / FTP Stats area.
  2. Click on the month that you are interested in.
  3. You are now presented with the Web Server Statistics page for your web site. You can browse the report online, or print it for more detailed perusal offline. Take your time - there is a lot of information available.
Using the Analog tool

Latest visitors

Latest Visitors iconThis quick tool lists the last 300 visitors that have visited your site in the last 24 hours. Note that visitors are defined as requests from servers, not individual people.

To view the most recent visitors:

  1. Click on the Latest Visitors link in the Web / FTP Stats area.
  2. Browse the results. You can click on the Referrer link to open the referring site page, or click on the URL link to open the file that was requested.

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Webalizer iconThe Webalizer tool creates a graphical summary display of usage of your site. This is useful to give you a quick and clear overview of your web site activity.

To use Webalizer:

  1. Click on the Webalizer link in the Web / FTP Stats area.
  2. Browse the results.

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Bandwidth iconThe Bandwidth tool generates an overall summary of the amount of bandwidth that your site is using. This is generated from HTTP traffic (looking at your web site, downloading files, etc.) and possibly FTP traffic. However, this does not include any other type of traffic, the most notable of which is POP3 - email. Depending on what files you send and receive through e-mail, this amount could be considerable. Contact your hosting administrator if you want to check how much bandwidth you are using.

To check how much bandwidth is being used:

  1. Click on the Bandwidth link in the Web / FTP Stats area.
  2. Browse the results.

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Error Log

Error Log iconThe error log contains all HTTP errors that occur when visitors attempt to view your site, such as requested files not found, etc. The Error Log tool is a presentation of the last 300 entries in your error log. A central use of this tool is to locate suspicious server activity, such as attempted virus attacks. Please contact your hosting administrator if you have concerns about activity in your error logs.

To check your error log:

  1. Click on the Error Log link in the Web / FTP Stats area.
  2. Browse the results.


To view subdomain statistics:

  1. Click on the Sub Domain Stats link in the Account Settings area.
  2. View the statistics as required. Refer to Analog and Webalizer for more information on how to use the Webalizer and Analog statistics tools.

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